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Experience and the reputation for success.
Our experience in the telecommunications field has clearly demonstrated that many companies unwittingly squander substantial amounts of revenue each year through errors in their monthly telecommunications billing. Since 1972, Tele-Review has reliably generated refunds and credits for some of the largest corporations and institutions in the country. Our largest monthly reduction for our 5,000-plus client roster is $380,000; our largest single client refund is $6.2 million. To date, more than 82% of our customers have received refunds or realized reductions in monthly charges.

In all cases, Tele-Review's working objective is simple and direct. We seek to obtain vendor refunds or credits, eliminate overcharges and erroneous tariffs, and wherever possible, reduce your organization's annual telecommunications budget. Tele-Review will negotiate with the local Bell Operating Company and all other vendors to obtain retroactive credit for periods where errors have occurred in billing. If Tele-Review is unable to generate a refund or credit for your company, or reduce your recurring communications bills, there is no fee for our service.

Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to putting our extensive experience to work for you on your individual project.

Deborah Rigger
President, Tele-Review
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