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Q.    What percentage of my firm’s resources must be dedicated to my project?
A.    All that we require to begin your review is a letter of agency to the vendors, a list of all the billing numbers per site to be audited, and a contact person who is authorized to coordinate access for our technical inventories. Please review our Getting Started link for more detailed information on the auditing process.
Q.    How long will my project take to complete?
A.    Although projects vary in size, most inventories are completed within the two-to- four-week period that follows the contract signing. Tele-Review will prepare a report of the anticipated monthly savings within two weeks of the inventory completion, pending final confirmation from your vendors.
Q.    Why should I choose Tele-Review as my telecommunications consultants?
A.    Since1972, Tele-Review has dedicated all of our business efforts to serving the best interests of our telecommunications clients. This alone makes us unique among our competitors. We are also confident that the results we obtain for you, as well as the professional and ethical manner in which we conduct business, will be more than sufficient to encourage you to remain a client for many years to come.
Q.    What kinds of telecommunications services does Tele-Review audit?
A.    Tele-Review has audited all types of voice and data billing services since 1972, and has kept pace with all the major technological changes offered by the major communications vendors. We are highly experienced in Centrex, Flexpath, DID, PRI ISDN services, DS 1 and DS3 service, high capacity data circuits, access service, SIA billing, correct tax applications, and point-to-point voice circuits.
Q.    What will Tele-Review’s services cost?
A.    Our contract is solely contingent upon our ability to obtain credits or savings for you. Our fee is based on a percentage of the amount of the refund or savings returned to your company or organization at the completion of the auditing process. If we are unable to generate a refund, or reduce your recurring monthly charges, there is no fee for our services.
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