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Getting Started
It's easy to begin the audit procedure. All we require from you are the following documents:
  • A signed client agreement.
  • A letter to the local Bell Operating Company, or other appropriate vendors/suppliers authorizing Tele-Review to obtain the necessary billing information and to negotiate and obtain credits on your behalf.
  • A list of all assigned billing telephone numbers and vendor account numbers.

    Once we receive this information, we will request the necessary billing documents from your vendors. Upon receipt, we will initiate a review of all charges billed against the applicable tariffs and any special contracted rates in effect.

    We will arrange to have our technicians conduct a physical inventory of your demarks. Then we will prepare a demark inventory database to be delivered to you at the conclusion of our review. This inventory will be used to verify the charges in billing and claims will be filed with your vendor to confirm any lines or circuits in billing that are not valid charges. Verifications will be done with all vendors, after which, a complete list of all lines to be credited will be submitted to you. Tele-Review will negotiate retroactive credits with your vendors for all over-billed lines, enabling your firm to recover all money paid in error, plus any applicable interest due.

    We will follow-up to insure your receipt of a refund check or credit to your bill and insure all erroneous charges are removed or corrected.

    A more detailed methodology is available upon request.
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